“You never feel better if the only thing you know is how to make others suffer.”


Policy Statement

MyTruDate is committed to creating and maintaining a respectful dating environment free from disrespect of on a person’s humanity. Bullying and harassment, including sexual harassment, attack a person’s human dignity and can deeply damage their free and fearless enjoyment of our Platform. Therefore, harassment and bullying will not be tolerated on our Platform.

Action Taken

We at MyTruDate will promptly and thoroughly review all complaints of harassment in as confidential a manner as possible. Upon receipt of a report of harassment or bullying, we will temporarily suspend the account of the accused while an investigation is pending. If substantiated, we shall take whatever remedial action we deem appropriate to best: 1) support the person targeted by the bullying or harassment; 2) protect the complainant from further acts of bullying or harassment; 3) educate the offender of the impropriety of their conduct, and 4) deter the offender from bullying or harassing any other User in the future.  Such remedial action may include issuing a warning to the offender, or permanently banning the offender from the MyTruDate Platform. Repeated warnings shall result in a permanent ban from MyTruDate. We will promptly reinstate the account of any person accused of conduct we determine to have been unsubstantiated and reserve the right to take remedial action against any complainant whom we determine made a knowingly false or malicious harassment or bullying complaint.